Student of the Week

November 1, 2017

Sponsored by: Aurora University

Sophia Shinherr is a senior at Woodstock High School. She is the daughter of David and Rose Shinherr, Woodstock.
“Sophia has had an outstanding senior year both academically and as a leader in our school. Sophia is currently in my Advanced Placement Art History class. She has shown a strong affinity with the material in her test scores and the work she does outside of class. She is self- motivating and her work is always outstanding. I also work with Sophia because she is our WHS Student Council vice president. She organized and managed this year’s homecoming week, which was one of the most successful homecomings in years. She accomplished this with a great work ethic, her leadership and outstanding organization skills,” said Dr. Bliss, one of her teachers.
In school, Sophia plays tennis, basketball and is a member of the WHS choir. She is also a member of Class Council. Sophia is a part of the National Honor Society and on the high honor roll.
When we asked Sophia who inspires her, she replied, “My biggest inspiration is my past chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sharma. She was one of the only teachers I have ever had who didn’t just look at us as students, but as aspiring human beings who can make a difference in this world.”
When asked why she feels successful, Sophia replied, “Along with the support of my parents, I feel I am successful in school and my extra-curricular activities because of my time management and competitiveness.”

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