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1938 Island Court, Woodstock

Residence at 1938 Island Court, Woodstock, was sold by Matthew Colangelo, Woodstock, to Christopher M. Marulli, Woodstock, for $190,000.


1345 Winslow Circle, Woodstock

Residence at 1345 Winslow Circle, Woodstock, was sold by Timothy Tierney, Woodstock, to Geoffrey L. Barclay, Crystal Lake, for $280,000.


1621 Walnut Drive, Woodstock

Residence at 1621 Walnut Drive, Woodstock, was sold by Roseann Tomlinson, Dillon, S.C., to The David J. Brady and Katherine J. Brady Revocable Trust, Woodstock, for $125,000.


615 Park St., Woodstock

Residence at 615 Park St., Woodstock, was sold by John Helle, Englewood, Fla., to Michelle Davidson, Woodstock, for $150,000.


921 Laurel Ave., Woodstock

Residence at 921 Laurel Ave., Woodstock, was sold by Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Nashville, Tenn., to John M. Vanbuskirk, Harvard, for $66,000.


1019 N. Madison St., Woodstock

Residence at 1019 N. Madison St., Woodstock, was sold by Christopher Loser, Woodstock, to Lois Percente, Woodstock, for $129,000


8615 Howe Road, Wonder Lake

Residence at 8615 Howe Road, Wonder Lake, was sold by Lloyd H. Repke Revocable Trust, Wonder Lake, to Randal W. Repke, Wonder Lake, for $280,000.


171 Redwing Drive, Woodstock

Residence at 171 Redwing Drive, Woodstock, was sold by Kerry E. and Cindy Julian, Janesville, Wis., to Laura Lynn and Brendan Raymond Hannigan, Woodstock, for $285,000.


1503 Boulder Lane, Woodstock

Residence at 1503 Boulder Lane, Woodstock, was sold by The Anthony T. Buckun Declaration Trust, Woodstock, to Jamie T. Gould, Woodstock, for $244,000.


2940 Brahms Lane, Woodstock

Residence at 2940 Brahms Lane, Woodstock, was sold by Austin and Kristi Wiedel, Woodstock, to Christopher and Ashley Hecht, Woodstock, for $212,000


11617 Halma Lane, Woodstock

Residence at 11617 Halma Lane, Woodstock, was sold by Michael A. Thompson, Woodstock, to George A. Harderson, Woodstock, for $300,000.


Commercial building at 161-165 S. Eastwood Drive, Woodstock

Commercial building at 161-165 S. Eastwood Drive, Woodstock, was sold by Glazier Woodstock Lot 5, Chicago, to Parkland Woodstock LLC, Boca Raton, Fla., for $2,836,834.


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