The city of Woodstock was expected to enact weight restrictions on Irving Avenue after holding a public hearing on the proposal.

The city-led Pavement Management Task Force, which examines the condition and maintenance of Woodstock’s streets, recommended certain roadways have new weight restrictions put in place which would limit heavy truck traffic, cutting down on wear and tear. Irving Avenue between Route 120 and Route 47 was identified as a candidate for restrictions because it is frequently used as a shortcut by truck drivers, according to a memo presented to the City Council.

“Irving … was truly never really constructed with the standards for heavy truck traffic. We have allowed that to the benefit, I think, of some companies and others, but it is a challenge,” Mayor Brian Sager said.

Irving Avenue would be removed from the city’s list of designated truck routes, prohibiting trucks over eight tons from using the road.

Woodstock’s Greg Windler was the only person to speak during the public hearing, which was held during the Nov. 14 City Council meeting. He said the area surrounding Irving Avenue is primarily residential and that the roadway itself was built on soft ground. He supported the restrictions.

“Woodstock is floating on a peat bog. … If you’re going to build up that road, it’s going to have to be built right, and you’re going to have to put a lot of filler in there,” Windler said. “… Think about your tax-paying dollars. Would you rather put your tax dollars into something else?”

The city contacted about 70 businesses which would be impacted by the change. None of the responding businesses said the restrictions would have a negative impact on operations, according to city documents, although some said drivers preferred to use Irving Avenue because it has a better turning radius for trucks.

The council could approve the restrictions as early as Nov. 21. That vote came after The Independent’s deadline.

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