A group of bank tellers recently went above and beyond to help a Woodstock couple recover a lost check.

On May 2, in pouring rain and high winds, Carol and Tom McGuine pulled into the drive-in teller at American Community Bank, 1290 Lake Ave. As they reached out to place three checks into the container, the first one blew away. They got out of the car to look for it.

“My husband and I were frustrated because there wasn’t much we could do in the rain,” said Carol. “One lady even came out of the bank right then to help us, but no luck.”

The McGuines went into the bank to deposit the other two checks and told the staff of their dilemma. They were advised about procedures to stop payment on the check.

“Three hours later, the bank manager called to say that one of the tellers found our check plastered against the outside wall,” Carol said.

“Five of our tellers used their lunch hours to look for the check,” said Laurie Lewandowski, relationship banking manager at American Community Bank. “Each one looked when they could.  They hoped it would blow against the building, which it did. Kelly found the check, with the help of Beth and Joyce.”

“I took a bag of bagels into the bank the next day to show our appreciation,” Carol McGuine said. “They couldn’t have been nicer to go out of their way that day.”

“Our bank’s mission and core value is to be responsive to our clients,” said Lewandowski. “Our tellers do all they can for our clients.”

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