Woodstock Harley-Davidson has a new owner.

Windy City Motorcycle Co. recently acquired the dealership at 2235 S. Eastwood Drive along with its sister stores in McHenry and Lake Geneva, Wis. The company owns 13 dealerships and retail stores throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee regions.

“We always look for great opportunities to expand,” said Ozzie Giglio, Windy City Motorcycle Co.’s CEO and co-founder. “This enables us to better serve the riding community. People can buy parts and return them any place, they can rent motorcycles at any place. If their motorcycle breaks down, we’re where they are. It provides a great deal of convenience for the riding community.”

The St. Charles-based company, founded in 2001, is one of the largest motorcycle retailers in the U.S. The Woodstock location is the No. 1 Harley-Davidson dealership in the country for servicing motorcycles, Giglio said.

Woodstock Harley-Davidson is known for hosting major events for riders and even has a memorial for U.S. service members in its parking lot. Giglio said the dealership will keep those traditions.

“We will absolutely continue to endorse that,” he said.

Windy City Motorcycle Co. purchased the dealership from Doug Jackson, Tracy Lancaster and Arnie Horwich. Jackson will remain at the dealership as its operating partner, and the staff will not change, Giglio said.

The dealership has a tax incentive agreement with the city of Woodstock that will remain in place, according to Garrett Anderson, the city’s economic development director. The agreement expires in 2020. Woodstock Harley-Davidson was one of the city’s highest sales tax collectors in 2016.

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