As Centegra Health System moves forward with a plan to suspend inpatient care at its hospital in Woodstock, Mayor Brian Sager said the city is hopeful a full-service hospital will return to Woodstock someday.

Inpatient services at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock, 3701 Doty Road, were due to shut down this week, according to Michelle Green, the health system’s manager of public relations and communications. Its emergency room will become a basic, rather than comprehensive, emergency room, meaning patients who need surgery or overnight stays will be transferred to Centegra’s hospitals in Huntley or McHenry, she said.

In June, Centegra announced plans to stop performing surgeries and admitting patients into its intensive care unit, medical-surgical unit and telemetry in Woodstock by Aug. 14. Previously, the health system moved some other services, including obstetrics, to different locations.

Sager said city officials would like to see those services return someday, either with Centegra or another health care provider.

“We want to work with medical providers across the board — not just Centegra, but any health care provider who is willing to provide quality health care to Woodstock,” he said.

Hospitals may suspend care on a temporary basis without state approval, but as of Aug. 14, Centegra had not filed paperwork with the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board to permanently cut services in Woodstock. Green said that application would be filed soon.

Despite the reduction in inpatient care, outpatient services, including laboratory and medical imaging, will continue at Centegra’s Woodstock campus. Other services, such as behavioral health and inpatient physical rehabilitation, will move in to Centegra Hospital-Woodstock.

“Because of the increase in outpatient services, the campus will be busier in the future than it ever has been,” Green said.

But Sager said city officials are aiming for more comprehensive hospital services in Woodstock.

“There’s no question it’s my hope and ultimate desire for the Woodstock hospital facility to not just maintain the current services, but to return to providing obstetrics and ortho in the Woodstock facility, and that we will once again have a quality health care provider with a sense of commitment to the community, which seems to be waning at present,” Sager said.

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