With one more weekend left for TownSquare Players’ production of Neil Simon’s farcical hit “Rumors”, director Roger Zawacki said his cast, staff and set add to the comedic nature of the play making this Woodstock Opera House production a roaring success.

“The show is an out-and-out farce – a very physical comedy. … All of the characters are in crisis,” Zawacki explained.

As the play opens, dinner guests begin arriving dressed in elegant evening gowns and tuxedos at the home of Charlie, the deputy mayor of New York City, and his wife, Myra. Very quickly the guests realize Charlie and Myra are nowhere to be found.

“The cast of characters is comprised of wealthy professionals – lawyers, doctors, accountants – and what we see is this group of professionals degenerate into a bunch of wild people,” Zawacki explained.

“Rumors” boasts a complicated plot line that requires numerous exits and entrances to allow the characters to effectively keep the secrets, start new rumors and allow certain characters to remain out of earshot. This is accomplished by the “absolutely wonderful set,” Zawacki explained. The set itself plays a role in the mystery and intrigue. “It is a beautiful duplex with lots of windows and doors – which allows the characters to pop in and out all of the time. … You really have to see it.”

As the play devolves, rumors, lies, lively repartee and changing roles lead the show, while the main characters – Charlie and Myra – in fact, never are seen. The rotating cast, inexplicable situations and punchy script keep the show lively, entertaining and enjoyable.

Debuting on Broadway in the late 1980s, Zawacki said “Rumors” is a staple in straight show repertoire. “It is very frequently done in community theater and colleges.” But, he explained, “We are rating this PG-13 for language. We are doing this show as Neil Simon wrote it.”

“Rumors” continues Friday and Saturday, June 23 and 24, at 8 p.m. and Sunday, June 25, at 3 p.m. Tickets are available at the box office or online at woodstockoperahouse.org.

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