A local business with a commitment to military causes is aiming to honor veterans with a photographic museum.

Woodstock Harley Davidson, 2235 S. Eastwood Drive, is creating a Hall of Honor designed to bridge the gap between the military and civilians. The hall – which will be filled with iconic images from wars fought by every generation from World War I through the war in Afghanistan – will both honor military members and encourage civilian support.

“The Woodstock Harley-Davidson Hall of Honor will allow community military supporters the opportunity to show tribute to our military,” said Doug Jackson, one of the dealership’s owners.

Museum curator, U.S. Marine Cpl. and Vietnam veteran Timothy J. Crabb said while the dealership has the first permanent veterans memorial on Harley-Davidson dealership grounds, he and Jackson saw the photographic museum as a way to bring the patriotism visible on the outside inside the dealership.

“It is my hope that the community will see this as something bigger than [a museum] inside a Harley-Davidson dealership, but rather as something that transcends boundaries,” Crabb said.

Jackson’s motivation for creating an atmosphere of military support lies in his memories of watching Vietnam-era veterans treated with disrespect. His focus remains trained on the word respect. It is that focus which drives Jackson to seek out ways to honor veterans and members of the military.

Crabb hopes the more than 150 images included in the museum will be as much a history lesson as it is a living exhibition – a place for individuals, families and students to learn about and engage in discussions about the cost of freedom.

Coinciding with the debut of the first images to be displayed in the hall – including a canvas of President Dwight Eisenhower addressing the troops on D-Day — Woodstock Harley-Davidson will host an event called “Veterans Stand To” on Veterans Day.

“We want to invite and welcome our community to come out …  for a great day of honoring all [who] served,” Jackson said.

Crabb already has purchased the digital images to be displayed. However, he said the greater cost lies in the converting of the files into large-scale canvases. Donors are being sought to advance the completion of this project. Donation information is available at the dealership.

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