Throughout the month of June, the work of nearly 20 artists will be on display at the Old Courthouse Art Center. The center’s Summer Solstice Art Exhibition includes work in several mediums including stained glass, quilts, paper landscapes, a wide variety of sculptures, paintings and more.

One of the featured artists in this year’s show is Woodstock sculptor Bobby Joe Scribner, whose “Riversnake” sculpture is displayed on the front lawn of the Courthouse. Scribner has had work displayed nationally and currently has two other sculptures in Chicago during what Mayor Rahm Emanuel has dubbed “The Year of Public Art.” His “Races” sculpture is located on State Street in the Loop, and another, “Moonshine,” is in West Pullman. Residents of Woodstock, however, need go no farther than the Square to enjoy his work.

“It’s always exciting to be shown in Chicago, a city internationally famous for its outdoor sculpture, but I’m equally excited to have my work in front of the historic Old Courthouse building, on the Square, in my own backyard,” Scribner said. “Art adds to a community at any scale.”

Scribner also was a headliner at last autumn’s Orson Welles Creative Arts Festival, for which he created a sculpture of Welles.

Inside the gallery, there are several sculptures, mobiles and mosaic sculptures with various themes, including a unique and whimsical kinetic sculpture by Arthur Ganson. A quilt by Jane Sassaman greets visitors as they enter the exhibit, followed by a larger one with vibrant colors on the south wall of the center room. In addition to the quilts, there are unique mosaic sculptures by Francine Gourgechon and stained glass pieces by Larry Zgoda displayed throughout the room.  Several paintings in greens and blues by Antatoliy Khmara create a transition to the front room of the gallery where there are sculptural collages by Blake Mueller and other paintings and photographs.

In the rear gallery a large mobile sculpture by David Orth stands in the center of the room, and a Summer Solstice piece by Gregory Gantner occupies the adjacent wall. Paper landscapes by Karen Stahlecker and astronomical paintings by Paul Justen hang nearby. Other artists whose works appear in the exhibit include Gabriel Karagianis (photographic collage and painting), Joan Zgoda (sculptural collage), Bill Moran (painting), Yvonne Beckway (nature paper paintings), Chehalius Hegner (photography), Ron Seymour (photography) and Andrew Zirk (photographic painting).
The exhibit runs through the end of June at the Old Courthouse Art Center, 101 N. Johnson St. For information, visit

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