Woodstock residents have a new place to turn to for their computer and smartphone needs.

The Mac Station, 100 N. Benton St., opened its doors Dec. 6, repairing phones, tablets and computers as well as selling computers.

“We saw Woodstock as a great business opportunity and wanted to serve a need in the community,” said Kyle Ott, a Woodstock North High School graduate and owner of The Mac Station. “I was familiar with Woodstock, and we were excited to start renovating this space.”

Ott first started repairing and selling refurbished computers out of his home. After relocating to a storefront in Harvard, he quickly decided Woodstock had a need — and perhaps a larger client base for his business — and he sought to fill it.

“Woodstock doesn’t have a large selection for computer or phone repair, and I thought the Square would be a nice area with a good market,” Ott said. “As a local business, we can usually repair phones and computers faster and cheaper.”

Ott said the unique layout of the store allows customers to watch the technicians at work.

“When we looked at the space and how unique the design was, we thought that instead of a Genius Bar, [something found in Apple stores] we could use the space differently. So, Liam [Brooks, Ott’s colleague and service technician] suggested that we extend the bar throughout the whole space and allow people to see what is being worked on. It was a great idea,” Ott said. “So instead of checking in your phones, there are three workbenches and tempered glass. We work on them right in front of you. It is something that I think is rather unique.”

Ott and Brooks count screen, liquid damage, battery, speaker, button and camera repair for phones and tablets, and keyboard, mouse, touchpad, logic board and motherboard repair along with hardware upgrades and installs, operating system support and SSD installation among their many services. The Mac Station also sells used Mac computers and specializes in custom-built PCs.

“We work on both Macs and PCs. When we work on screen repairs, we also give customers a screen protector. We don’t want people walking out unprotected,” Ott said.

“We also offer free Wi-Fi and freshly-brewed coffee. We grind the beans immediately before serving, so every cup of coffee is fresh,” he explained. “We want to be welcoming to the community and we look forward to meeting people as they walk in from the Square.”

For information, visit themacstation.com or call 888-241-5796.

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