Student of the Week

November 8th, 2017

Sponsored by: Aurora University

Our Student of the Week, Samantha Parrish, is a sophomore at Woodstock North High School. She is the daughter of Jeff and April Diamond, Woodstock. “Samantha has a constant positive attitude and desire to learn (not just for grades). She also has the ability to work and assist others in the classroom as well as to balance school and extra-curricular/ after-school demands. Samantha is also excelling in AP Seminar, a brand new advanced placement course for sophomores in English,” said one of her teachers.
In school, Samantha is on the high honor roll and was third in her class last year. Samantha is in cheerleading and also enjoys volunteering through the Lemonade Brigade, which raises money for kids in need. When we asked Samantha who motivates her, she replied, “My teachers, they show me knowledge in a different light, motivating me to achieve my goals.” When asked why she feels successful, Samantha replied, “I try my hardest at no matter what the task, and I like to look at life in a positive light.”

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