More than 300 race cars rolled through Woodstock Sept. 14 on their way from Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, Wis., to Cordova International Raceway, Cordova. The cars were in Day Four of Hot Rod Drag Week 2017, powered by Dodge and sponsored by Gear Vendors Overdrive.

This is a unique event where the street-legal drag-race cars visit four drag strips over a five-day period. Participants not only race their cars down the track but also must drive their race cars from track to track over the course of a week, covering about 1,000 miles on public roads. The one car with the lowest average elapsed time over the week of racing is named Hot Rod’s Fastest Street Car in America.

Many of the cars were towing small trailers carrying spare tires and equipment. This is in accordance with the rules which specified that the cars be unassisted by support vehicles. They are required to haul everything they need for the car, driver and navigator. Each competition vehicle was allowed to tow a single trailer with a maximum cargo area no larger than 142 cubic feet.

A man tows a trailer behind his car. Independent Photo by Sandy Kucharski

Each day’s drive had at least one mandatory checkpoint where the entrant must take a digital photograph of the car at the checkpoint. Checkpoint photos are checked each day for verification. Bohn’s Ace Hardware, 150 S. Eastwood Drive, was an official check point, drawing the race cars through town from midafternoon well into the evening.

Mike Arsenault, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, traveled 900 miles to participate in the race with his ‘72 Valiant. He met up with Chester Goodman, a bracket racer from Fall Creek, Wis., and Darby Otto, Chippewa Falls, Wis., driving a ’74 Firebird.

“We met up with these guys at the campground and we’ve been traveling together since Day One,” said Arsenault.

Hot Rod Drag Week began Sept. 10 with racing at Cordova International Raceway, traveling Sept. 12 to Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Wis. Sept. 13 they raced at Byron Dragway, Byron. Sept. 14 they headed up to Union Grove, Wis., to Great Lakes Dragaway, and they ended the event Sept. 15 back in Cordova.

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