Owners of a Woodstock restaurant are proud to serve farm-fresh food to their customers — and even prouder to say they are the ones behind the process. 

Mary Witt and Antonio Delgado own Isabel’s Family Restaurant at 1110 N. Seminary Ave. The husband and wife team first met working at a restaurant in Elgin and had a dream to own a restaurant of their own someday. The couple purchased the restaurant, formerly known as American Table Family Restaurant, 13 years ago. 

Witt and Delgado, who have eight children, live on a farm in Marengo, with a spread of fields, gardens and greenhouse space. Cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, potatoes, corn, tomatoes and herbs are just some of the produce grown on their home farm. 

The couple was already producing their own food and selling at farmers markets when they purchased the restaurant, which they named after their daughter, Isabel.  

Delgado, who grew up on a farm in Mexico, does the bulk of the farming, but gets help from his wife and a hired hand. 

“It is a lot of work, but that is relaxation to him,” Witt said. “It is hard work, but he enjoys seeing everything grow and how fresh you can get it. It’s on our table that same day.”

Witt, who was born and raised on a dairy farm in Hampshire, was also raised with the daily responsibilities that a farm brings, but she said the hard work pays off when her customers appreciate their food. 

“Some people are shocked. They are thankful for doing what we do. They taste a difference,” Witt said. “It is in both of our bloods. We enjoy what we do, and it’s a reward to us. We know we can come here and bring healthy, local fresh food to the community.”

Isabel’s is also known for its home-made desserts. Some of the offerings on the menu are family recipes, including influences from Delgado’s Mexican and Witt’s German heritages. 

The 20-acre property includes a small orchard for apples and beehives – the honey at Isabel’s is taken from the family farm, too.

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