Part of Benton Street will be closed daily through Friday, July 14, as builders install a series of outdoor dining spaces for the city-owned Benton Street Boardwalk.

Woodstock’s Streets Division will close Benton Street north of East Judd Street, as well as the westbound lane of East Judd Street west of Jefferson Street, at around 7:30 a.m. daily through July 14. Once construction ends each evening, the roads will be reopened for normal traffic.

Contractor LaFontaine Enterprises is installing each of the four decks that make up the hotly contested Benton Street Boardwalk, a project along Benton Street near East Judd Street that will be used for outdoor table service by Mia Passione, D.C. Cobb’s, Main Street PourHouse and Benton Street Tap.

The boardwalk is expected to open on or around July 14, City Manager Roscoe Stelford said. It is due to shut down for the season Sept. 30 and return again the following May.

The boardwalk might open before all the finishing touches, such as lighting, have been installed, Stelford said.

The project has been a source of controversy at City Council meetings this summer. Supporters of the boardwalk said it will help to clean up Benton Street and improve the Woodstock Square while detractors cited concerns over parking and public spending on the project. The Benton Street Boardwalk will take up 12 parking spaces along the west side of Benton Street, and the City Council approved up to $50,000 for the project.

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