A Woodstock car dealership recently underwent major changes to its service and sales departments and added an all-new vehicle delivery center.

Bull Valley Ford, 1460 S. Eastwood Drive, grew from 17,500 to almost 30,000 square feet indoors. The $2.5 million dollar project was overseen by Sjostrom and Sons of Rockford and completed at the end of 2016. The dealership, which opened in 2007, sits on approximately seven acres of land, more than five of which are paved.

Brand new to the business is the delivery center, designed to give car buyers a thorough introduction to their new vehicles. 

“We have the car all shined up and ready to go, and go over features, sync up their phone and make the delivery process a special event. You spend a lot of money on a car. We want to make sure you get a good first impression,” said Jack Cronan, Bull Valley Ford’s president. 

The service facility grew from 12 to 20 lifts and has new service equipment, including a high-tech alignment system and heavy duty diesel-specific lifts. 

Jose Cazares serves as the dealership’s general manager. According to Cazares, the changes have been well-received among customers, particularly for service capabilities. Oil-change service no longer requires an appointment, and the waiting area also has been renovated.

“When you needed an oil change, you had to make an appointment. We just didn’t have enough room or ability,” Cazares said. “Now we added on the indoor check-in area, more service bays, and we can take walk-in oil change appointments now. Customers come in whenever it is convenient for them, and we’re able to serve them, so they’re happy.”

The overhaul includes a specially designed roofing and insulation system and high-efficiency heating and cooling in an effort to remain environmentally conscious. Visually, the furniture and design of the interior space meets the standard set by Ford known as the Ford Trustmark Design Program. 

“The people coming in here are more ready to buy. They want to take advantage of the new service, and they want to take advantage of some of the things we have to offer that we didn’t have before. So it’s a lot better experience for the customer, and that’s what this is all about. To make the customers happy, earn repeat business and grow the business,” Cronan added.

In 2016, the Woodstock City Council approved a tax incentive with Bull Valley Ford of up to $470,000 over eight years to help pay for the upgrades.

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