A familiar restaurant spot on the Woodstock Square has a new owner, menu and name.

Double Yolk Cafe, formerly Papa G’s — and before that, Angelo’s — debuted its new look March 30.

Owner Thomas Teresi has been in the restaurant business for 27 years, since he was 15. Working in the restaurant supply industry, owning his own diner was always a dream. He sold products to the former Angelo’s and Papa G’s and had been eyeing up the corner diner for years as one to call his own. 

“When the former owner told me he wanted to get out and retire, I said I’d take it over. I wanted something small to start out with. There’s a lot of history behind this place,” Teresi said. 

“Back in the day when I was selling to the former owner, I noticed how busy it always was with repeat business and the same customers coming in. I want to win those people back. Over the years they’ve traveled elsewhere. This little diner has a lot of potential.”

Teresi made changes to the name, menu and exterior, but kept the interior — and the staff — the same. The staff shared feedback about dishes on the menu that well, so a few old favorites remained, but for the most part, the menu is all new. He describes the fare as American food and condensed the separate breakfast and lunch menus into one double-sided menu, all of which is available all day. 

The name, Double Yolk, came from his wife, Sharon Teresi, who is also his business partner and does a lot of behind the scenes work at the cafe. 

“She popped up out of bed one night and said, ‘This is the name I want’, and my sister-in-law designed the new logo,” he said. 

Teresi said that if his kitchen staff is able to make any dishes no longer on the new menu, they will accommodate. New to the cafe is what he describes as “specialty: items. Double Yolk Cafe Nachos are seasoned waffle fries covered with chorizo, guacamole and other southwest toppings. The “He’s the King” sandwich is a peanut butter and banana sandwich with crispy bacon. 

The cafe serves homemade pies and turnovers for dessert and while the current menu has some vegan and gluten-free items, Teresi hopes to create a separate menu for those specific needs. Double Yolk also offers seniors, military and first responders a 10 percent discount on their bill. 

Hours vary seasonally and can be found at thedoubleyolkcafe.com or by calling 815-338-0180. 

“I think with the vision of my staff and I looking into doing things different than the old menu, we’re going to get a lot of people back,” Teresi said.

Double Yolk Cafe is at 117 E. Van Buren St.

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