For the second time this season, Woodstock and Woodstock North girls basketball hit the court for another crosstown game. The Blue Streaks claimed a 61-55 victory on the Thunder’s home court. 

A 3-pointer by the Thunder in the final seconds of the first quarter gave them a two-point lead. But by the end of the second quarter, the Streaks had a dominant 10-point lead over the Thunder at 34-24.

The Thunder climbed back up during the third quarter, coming within five points, but the Streaks held an eight-point lead at the end of the third. The Streaks led by as much as 10 in the fourth quarter. Multiple fouls by both teams in the final minute of play kept play intense before the final buzzer when WHS fans exploded with cheers for their team.

The teams faced off earlier in the season at WHS, with the Thunder wining 40-31. 

Junior Autumn Overly led the Streaks in scoring with 20 points. Senior Diana Spokas had 14 points, and senior Gabriella Scolio had 13. 

“We’ve had a lot of improvement and worked really hard. We’ve changed our offense. We’ve changed our defense. A lot of girls showed a lot of dedication on the floor, on the bench. The crowd was intense. I just think that this game shows what we can be when we play as a team,” said Overly.

Jen Nichols-Hogle, coach of the Streaks, spoke about the intensity of the crosstown games. “It’s a friendly rivalry, absolutely. The girls are just so competitive. After the game we talked about playing with a chip on our shoulder and getting back from the time they beat us on our home court. They did an excellent job of fighting to get what they felt they deserved.” 

For the Thunder, senior Maddie Busch led in scoring with 14 points. Senior Madison Butler had 12 points, and senior Lulu Nicks had nine. 

Thunder coach Mike Lewis encouraged his team after the loss. “In life, things don’t always go your way. Some people are going to be really sad, some more than others. But tomorrow, we move on. We walk through the hallways tomorrow with our heads high. We were two possessions away from tying the game. It was mental mistakes. It has nothing to do with athletic ability. We just need to be focused and execute a little better,” said Lewis. 

“Our coach is always happy with our end result, as long as we’re working hard and hustling all the time. Defensively, we were having a rough time. We weren’t making the stops we needed to and we had a lot of silly turnovers,” said Busch.

“We play for each other. Our motto all season has been win together, lose together, because we’re a family,” added Nicks. 

The Thunder, now 12-13 on the season, will face Johnsburg for an away game Feb. 3. The Streaks, 9-15 on the season, travel to Burlington Central Feb. 1.

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